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For most businesspeople and building owners, the Fire and Building Codes are unfamiliar documents.  Owners who want to do the right thing and comply with the local codes often don't know what that entails. Whether you have an existing business who has been visited by a Fire Inspector and told that you do not comply; or if you are looking to open a new business or facility and trying to make your way through the permitting process, Response Fire Protection is here to help guide you through the often confusing and sometimes intimidating code compliance process.

Many fire jurisdictions have increased enforcement and compliance reporting requirments for storage or use of hazardous materials, and high-piled combustible storage (which can be storage as low as 6 feet high, depending on the materials).  Response Fire Protection can assist you by determining what requirements do apply to your business and can prepare the necessary documents for reporting and demonstrating compliance to the local fire department.

Response Fire Protection also offers fire sprinkler design services to assist building owners by ensuring that building fire protection requirements are addressed during the building design phase, avoiding unpleasant surprises as the project proceeds.  We can provide written specifications or bid-specification drawings to ensure the proper protection for your facility and competitive bids with clearly defined scope, reducing potential change orders.  We can also help to keep the project proceeding in a timely manner by providing sprinkler design documents for submittal to the jurisdiction shortly after building plan completion, rather than waiting for a contractor to be brought on board.

Consulting Services

·          Site Survey & Analysis

·          Hazardous Materials Analysis

·          High Piled Storage Compliance

·          Design Review

·          Local Jurisdiction Negotiation

·          Board of Appeals

·          Code Revision and Representation

·          Project Management

Design Services

·          Automatic Sprinkler System Design

·          Flow Testing

·          Acceptance Testing

·          Computer Aided Design